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Can Parents Ride at Practice?

Signing up as a parent is a simple process involving a background check, watching a concussion and risk management video (and a short quiz). Then you can ride with the team all year and even help with the team pre-ride at races if you’d like.

With numbers expecting to reach 100 this year, we absolutely need parents to help out at practices. We are looking for a variety of skill levels so even if you are relatively new to mountain biking we would welcome you. Please drop us a line.

Parents after completing the above training are considered “Level 1” coaches.

When do we practice (and where)?

Wisconsin Mountain Biking is a fall sport, staring the first week of July and ending with a fun ride after the last race. Practices are Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:30 – 6:30 PM. Early season practices in July are at West High School for a few weeks until we are ready to ride trails. We are truly lucky to have two great mountain bike trails located off of a bike path so most riders are able to ride with the team to practice.

When we are on the trails, the West teams meets at West and rolls out at 4:30 to Seminole or Quarry Ridge trails along the southwest commuter bike trail. The Verona team meets at 4:30pm at the park and ride near highway M / Military Ridge. The West and Verona teams meet by 5:00 PM and at the bicycle roundabout and ride untill approximately 6:00 PM. We are back at West or Verona meeting spots by 6:30. Athletes that can ride home from the trails must check out with a coach when they leave practice.

How much does it cost?

The total fees to join the team are $165 which includes $100 team fee, $40 Wisconsin League fee and $25 NICA (national organization fee). Wisconsin League and NICA fees are paid via Pitzone during registration. The $100 team fees are paid via PayPal or check (payable to ‘West Madison NICA MTB Teams’) directly to the head coach or team director. Scholarships are available – just ask.

Racing is a separate fee and is either $40/race or you can purchase a bundle pack of all races for a discount.

Do I have to race?


Can I miss practice?

Yep. A head’s up to your coach is appreciated.

How do I learn how to ride trails safely?

Early season practice (first 2-3 weeks) is all done on the grass near West High School. This is a great time to review key bike handling skills as well as learn new ones. We practice in groups on the grass so we can all learn the fundamentals of safely riding a bike before we head to the trails. Many of the skills we practice are via games.

We also spend 1-2 practices learning bike path etiquette. Riding to the trails with 50 new mountain bike riders is one of the biggest safety challenges we face!

What is NICA? What is Wisconsin MTB?

NICA is the National Interscholastic Cycling Association. NICA is the national organization that helps to create great infrastructure around insurance, training, racing, practices and so much more. You can learn more about NICA here.

Wisconsin MTB is the local Wisconsin NICA league. There are now NICA leagues in nearly every state. Wisconsin MTB runs all of the races, provides local coach training and certification. You can learn more about Wisconsin MTB here.

How can I contact a coach?

Didn’t find what you are looking for here? Drop us a line.