Registering for the MTB team involves a few steps. Here they all are in one place.

_____ New Riders Only : Use this form to submit your school information so the sorting hat can put you in the right house.

_____ Goals! Complete your Goal setting form for the season (T-shirt size for team t-shirt is at the bottom of the form).

_____ Volunteer Sign Up (each rider parents/guardian please select 2 items from list).

_____ Pay Team Dues. $100 per rider paid via paypal or checks made out to West Madison NICA MTB Team mailed to 2134 West Lawn Ave. Madison, WI 53711

_____ Registration. Complete NICA registration and pay League and NICA fee ($65 total) in PitZone (complete when rider is listed as “practice ready”)

_____ Complete and submit scholarship paperwork (if needed)

_____ Race Registration – Also complete in Pit Zone (May be completed 1 week prior to each race if desired but note you only get your race plate with your name on it if you’ve registered for at least one race by July 15th). Note: Race Fee – $40/race or $180 for all 5 races if you sign up for the package by August 1. Let us know what name you’d like on your nameplate here.

  • Race #1:  September 8 Lowes’s Creek in Eau Claire
  • Race #2:  September 15 9 Mile Recreation in Wausau
  • Race #3:  September 29 Nordic Mountain in Mt. Morris
  • Race #4:  October 13 Minooka Park in Waukesha
  • Race #5:  October 27 Championship-Trek Trails in Waterloo

_____ Team Communication! You will have an email from the team each week. For last minute schedule changes, sign up for (you can choose text, push or email notifications) based on your team:

_____ Order Jersey/Team Kit – optional, rider needs to wear team jersey at race events or a plain black t-shirt.