Sunday, June 6 was our second annual Try-it-Out Event for our GRiT/NICA program. It was an AMAZING day! We had over 50 girls participating. We ran 2 sessions that included learning basic skills, riding Roller Coaster and Twist and Shout, and a fun raffle. Thank you to Blackhawk for all their support and for opening their trails to us! Shout out to Erik’s, Machinery Row, Budget, West Madison MTB Team, and Coach Mindy for providing raffle prizes! And shout out to Dreambikes and Matt Martinez for bringing his fleet of rental bikes for us to loan out to girls who needed a bike! HUGE power clap to Coach Kristin for her awesome organizational skills, her outreach, and most of all her energy for making this event happen! Thank you, Kristin!! Tons of coach help made this day successful: Thanks to Coach Stella, Coach Nikki, Coach Nancy, Coach Michelle, Coach Melissa, Coach Grace, Coach Brooke, Coach Mindy, Coach BJ, Coach Heidi, and Coach Patty. Thanks also to our inspiring riders who make all the difference: Opal, Sarah, Maddie W, Maddie S, Emily, Lily, Anja, and Tess.  YOU GIRLS ROCK!! Here’s a link to the coverage from Channel 3 News: ‘GRiT’ event gives Dane County girls a chance to learn mountain biking skills.