2018 Wisconsin State Championship at Trek Trails in Waterloo, WI (Recap)

Check out this great video of the 2018 WI MTB State Championship. We are SO LUCKY to have Trek in our home state (and as a major sponsor for NICA in general). The video gives a great overview of what a race weekend looks like. Keep an eye out for West MTB Head Coach Mike McGarry and riders Lily, Opal and Jake giving interviews. Cameos by the ghostbusters, bacon, biggest cowbell ever and so much more….

Getting ready for 2019

The 2018 season was our largest year yet with approximately 80 riders from 6th – 12th grade participating. We are gearing up again to being our 2019 season and plan for a few spring activities such as a girl specific try it out camp in June (details will be available soon).

Practice will begin in early July after the 4th of July holiday starting with bike skills sessions on the practice fields near West High School and building up to trail riding after mastering (or reviewing) the basics.

New riders (or parents) interested in learning more about the team are encouraged to sign up here for more information.

Kick butt, Coach Bob