During practice season, our athletes ride amazing local trails that are in great condition, thanks to the trail maintenance work many volunteers, including from our team, do in the spring. During April and May our team helps getting the trails ready for summer and fall riding by volunteering with our local trail organization (CORP – Capital Off Road PathFinders) during their spring workdays! This is not an official team activity, but we encourage team members to volunteer. We are *heavy* users of our trails, and this is a great way to give back. Call your friends and go as a group! It’s super satisfying work, and the rest of the season you’ll say, “I did that,” in your head, as you ride over trails you helped maintain.

Intense happiness, making friends, having lots of fun, and getting into shape are experiences very likely to occur during trail work. Do it at your own risk. 🙂

Here is the spring workday schedule. Please indicate if you are joining on CORP’s facebook page.

April 15    Middleton Bike Park
April 22    CamRock
April 22    Cross Plains
April 29    Blackhawk
May 6       Seminole *
May 13     Blue Mound
May 13     Sheehan Park
May 20     Quarry Park *
May 20     The Farm
* We use these trails A LOT 

All dates are tentative and weather dependent, be sure to check the events page before heading out. Bring your gloves and wear sturdy shoes.

We are currently working on ways to take attendance via our app: Team Snap. Email Coach Paulo when you attend a spring workday with your name(s), location, and time spent making those trails awesome, so he can log your hours in PitZone.